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UNIT 1. MY Town. Giving directions

Click on the words to put them in the correct order. By Nahuel and Benita

1-turn-When-the-to-corner-get you right

1- When turn to the corner, get you rigth.¿?

2- Cross over bridge.the
2-Cross over the bridge.

3-on left.It's your
3-It's your on left.

Giving directions- UNit 1 - My Town.

 Giving directions by Victoria and Yanina

Turn left         girar a la izquierda

Turn right       girar a la derecha

Go straight ahead      seguir recto

Cross over the bridge      cruzar el puente

Go past                               pasar

Corner                      esquina

Directions- Dialogue by Martín and Santiago
Level 2

-Excuse me.
-How can I get you to the shoe shop?
-Go past the chemist's. Turn left and wlak straight ahead.
-It's on the corner
-Thank you

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